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We know it can be hard to plan and organise a Funeral, that is why we have created the Memento Vita app where you can download, search, plan and organise from anywhere in the world!

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Whats Included:

  Complete To-Do List

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Does the App and Web Connect to Each Other?

Our website and Memento Vita App connect seamlessly so that whatever changes you make on a laptop or desktop, are automatically changed on your App too and vice-versa.

Can I Delete My Data After Use?

Of course. When you have finalised the funeral and all post-life documentation, just email us at to delete your data and we will erase your profile.

How Does Memento Vita Make It Easy To Search Funeral Directors?

We've got hundreds of Funeral Directors and thousands of general Funeral Suppliers across all categories – all in one easy-to-access place. It's easy to find what you're looking for using our search engine. Search by the location and the Funeral Director or supplier category and then compare suppliers by prices, customer reviews, pictures, videos and samples.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's completely FREE. Our great website and App were built to ensure you have the best wedding possible, we get enough value just knowing we have made the whole process that bit easier.

How Do I Contact Suppliers?

It's simple. After searching for your supplier, just click the 'contact supplier' button and send your free Enquiry.

How Do I Book My Suppliers?

To book with your chosen supplier, all you need to do is contact them using our FREE enquiry form then liaise with them to confirm and pay for your booking.

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Whether browsing Funeral Directors to completing post-life documentation, plan anywhere with our Memento Vita app!