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Using Memento Vita helped make our send off for our father perfect!

We signed up and within 30 minutes had browsed for the perfect Funeral Director to use, contacted the venue for the wake and called the florists.



Why Choose Memento Vita

We’re the UK's only website and app Funeral Directory and comprehensive checklist designed to connect your business with recently bereaved families seeking to organise their loved one's Funeral via our purpose-built app and website.

You’ll get a supplier log-in area with easy-to-use dashboard so you can keep your listing updated, track your performance and see all your customer opportunities in one place.

What Makes Memento Vita Different

Unlike other directory style sites Memento Vita care about your leads. We don't work on a basis of overloading leads to suppliers to look good. We work towards targeted, quality leads that convert because it not only helps the suppliers, it also helps our precious families complete funeral organisation efficiently!

How Can Memento Vita Help My Business

You’ll receive an SEO link to your website which will help boost your own listings, you can also submit guest blogs for promotion via our social channels. If you added to your product line or expanded your burial options let us know!

Do I Receive Support


You can contact us any time about your listing and we will help guide you though any changes. In the near future, we'll also look to send you handy tips on how to close more business via our newsletter. If you have a PR list for press releases, please add info@mementovita.co.uk.

We’d love to hear form you.

What additional marketing opportunities do you offer?

We will promote your business via our social media channels free of charge. We will also be offering guest blog slots that we will be sending to families already signed up using the app. Once you’ve signed up we will be in contact via email each and every time we have an opportunity for you.

How Do I Get Billed

It's simple, a flat monthly rate which comes out each month on the day you sign your business up. If you are a Funeral Directors, it is completely free!

Do You Have A Social Reach

We are a growing business, and with that we are growing our social following. Sure, right now its not much to shout about but watch this space.

Can I Cancel At Anytime

Yes, and it's simple! You only have to give us 60 days advanced notice. 

Just contact us on info@mementovita.co.uk