Contesting a Will

Contesting a Will can be draining. Let the our expert partners help. 

Creating a Will usually alleviates any problems that may arise after someones passing. But sometimes, there can be grounds to contest a Will. 

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So easy and straight forward the lady on your end was so helpful and polite I cant thank them enough so would recommend them to anybody in future thanks ever so much for the understanding in our most difficult time in taking care of our son PJ


We’ve had two wills from LCS now and on both occasions they were incredibly helpful. How anyone can offer a 10 minute will is beyond me. There are so many questions that come out of your meeting which you would have never considered by doing it online. There out of hours home visit was perfect for us as we’re busy people.


Customer service is brilliant, the process of making Will is very comprehensive and straight to the point. Highly recommend.

I would thoroughly recommend LCS as they took the time to talk us through each point and now I know my assets are going to be well looked after.


How can someone Contest a Will?

When a member of your family, close friend or loved one passes away and you believe there is an error within their last Will and testament, or that it has not been correctly implemented in some way, then you may have valid cause to legally contest the contents of their Will in court.

Contesting a Will in the UK is a complex process, therefore we recommend you seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.

It can be a time-consuming and stressful process; there are strict time limits and rules around making claims. Contesting a Will after probate has been granted is possible, though it is always preferable to raise a claim beforehand. Obtaining the right guidance will maximise your chances of making a successful claim.

On the flip side, our partners can also help if you need help in defending a Will due to someone bringing proceedings against you in the belief the Will was drawn up incorrectly, forged or finalised under duress.

How it works

It really is a simple process. Just choose from below the way you want to start.

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You can arrange an appointment with our Partners to speak to you atr a time that suits you. 


Some of our Will Partners offer a bespoke Online Will Contesting service where they can calculate the potential cost of your Contesting or Defending of a Will.


You can also call one of our Will Contesting Providers by following their links.

Is it really for me?

Not sure if Contesting or Defending a Will is right for you? The answer is simple – It is not right for everyone. However, for the people it is right for, it can be the crucial helping hand they need.

  Ease of Mind

 Expert Legal advice and help

 Regulated by the PPR

  Help with contesting or defending a Will

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