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Unfortunately, you may be organising a funeral whilst coping with grief and feel pressurised into acting quickly for the sake of others. All this whilst having little or no recent experience. Some individuals have clear ideas about how they want to achieve the “perfect send off". This can begin to unravel when costings are factored in. Whilst wanting to adhere to the matra of the “perfect send off", you must still be wary that nearly everything related with a funeral and what should happen before and after a funeral,  has a cost associated with it.

Funeral’s are emotionally and mentally draining. Unfortunately, they are also financially draining. In 2019, the average cost of a UK Funeral was £4,482. This increases to £9,517 if you include extras like the wake venue, catering, florist and professional fees.

Unfortunately, these prices have steadily gone up year on year and show no signs of decreasing.

There are tiers to the direct costs with a burial costing on average £4,894, a cremation costing £3,882 and direct cremations costing £1,622. These costs also increase or decrease considerably depending on where you live. With London being the most expensive place in the UK to be buried and Northern Ireland being the cheapest.

Why not use our Funeral Cost Calculator below to get an idea of how much it might cost you?

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