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Funeral Planning can be difficult, let us help you by taking advantage of our Funeral Planning Checklist, Funeral Directors & Suppliers search facility and help and advice to guide you.

Funeral Planning Made Easy

Funeral Planning is hard.

That is why a lot of people choose to let the Funeral Directors help guide them and offer services to help ease your burden.

Memento Vita is different.

We place the power of choice back into your hands. We offer Funeral Planning Tools which are completely free, that help you plan and organise a funeral in a simple, easy-to-navigate funeral app. It provides a Funeral Planning Checklist, Funeral Help, Funeral Support and much more. All you need to do is download the app and work through our Funeral Checklist at your own pace, enabling you to choose where, when and how you want your loved one’s Funeral to go.

 Our Funeral Planning Tools are centred around our Funeral Planning Checklist which is a comprehensive Funeral Planning Checklist created in partnership with a local hospice to offer a complete guide. You can work through our Funeral Checklist in your own pace as every Funeral is completely different and unique.

Our Funeral Help and Support is on our app and also if you click here. It is a regularly updated section which is, again, completely free and it is our aim to help as many bereaved families to plan their loved one’s funeral in ease and comfort as possible as we know how hard it is. This section ranges from help on attaining Government Grants for Funerals; help with choosing popular poems and hymns; bereavement contact numbers; help with Probate, Wills and Estate Management and much more.

Why choose Memento Vita for Funeral Planning?

We are here to help. That is why here at Memento Vita, we have created a website and app which helps you search, plan, organise and guide you through the funeral and post-documentation process.

  Complete To-Do List

  Search Funeral Directors

  Create a Guest-list

  Private Messaging System

  Advice, Hints & Tips

 Create a Budget

  Search Suppliers

  And much more

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Take advantage of having all your funeral planning at your fingertips with the Memento Vita App

To-do List

Comprehensive guide to help you complete all steps of funeral and post-funeral documentation process.

Search Facility

Search, browse and contact Funeral Directors and Suppliers in your area.

Private Messaging System

Keep all your conversations in one place with our unique private messaging system to contact suppliers and funeral directors.

Help & Advice

Use our help and advice section to guide you through the process from government financial aid to bereavement support.

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  Easy to Use

 Complete to-do list guide

 Search Funeral Directors and Suppliers

  Unique Private Messaging System

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