Government Benefits

Funerals can be very expensive and come at a time when you could really do without any financial strain. There are a few things you can do to relieve the financial burden though:

Government Help

At the moment, there are two ways that the government can help with funeral costs. These are from the Department of Work and Pensions and are:

  • Funeral Expenses Payment – this is a one off grant from the government and is designed to help people on specific benefits to pay for a funeral. This covers the costs of the creation or burial, travel, and paperwork. It can can also help with a payment of £1,000 for things such as Funeral Director fees and florists. You need to be on certain benefits to be eligible for these payments, to see if you qualify, please click here.
  • Bereavement Support Payment – Again, this is a one-off, tax-free payment and is given to the spouse/ civil partner of the deceased. It was initially brought in to help widowed partners adjust to the change in circumstance and loss of income. This can then be put towards the funeral cost. It is a payment of either £2,500 or £3,500. To see if you are eligible, please click here.

Spread the costs

Some Funeral Directors can offer longer-term payment plans which help you spread the cost over a certain amount of time so that you don't have to stress about paying for the funeral straight away.

“ There are two ways that the government can help with funeral costs, so even if you are not on benefits, you can still be eligible”

Charity Help

Numerous charities help with financial aid to assist with funeral expenses.

Budgeting loan

This is provided by the government and is an interest-free load to help those on certain benefits. The re-payments are then structured in a way to take back the money borrowed over two years from your benefit package.

Other ways

There are several other avenues for help financing a funeral, but not all of them come cheap such as funeral finance, crowdfunding or even taking the money out of the deceased's estate.

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