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Funerals can be very expensive and come at a time when you could really do without any financial strain. There are a few things you can do to relieve the Read more
Inheritance Tax can affect the amount that you leave when you die. Therefore, Estate Planning to include Wills and Trusts is vital to avoid depleting the financial value you leave Read more
In simple terms, an Executor of a Will is someone who is named in the Will as taking legal responsibility for administering and completing the instructions left in the Will Read more
What is Probate? After someone’s passing the process of Probate is usually needed in order to wind up the estate. To put it simply, it is the whole process of Read more
Both a Coffin or a Casket are words used to describe a container for burial or cremation. The only real difference is the shape. A coffin gets wider at the Read more
Funeral's are emotionally and mentally draining. Unfortunately, they are also financially draining. In 2019, the average cost of a UK Funeral was £4,482. This increases to £9,517 if you include Read more
Arranging a Funeral  We understand how overwhelming and emotional arranging a funeral can be. This is a stressful time as you are grieving, whilst also having to make important decisions Read more
Paperwork is the last thing on your mind when someone passes away, but if you fail to register a death, it not only prevents you from arranging a funeral, you Read more
Getting a medical certificate of cause of death is one of the first things you need to do after a loved one passes away. The reason this is crucially important Read more

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