Funeral Planning app

We’re here to provide you with the help and advice you need to organise your loved one’s funeral.

Help with planning a funeral

Memento Vita is a funeral planning website and app which helps the recently bereaved to search, plan and organise their loved one’s funeral. It helps with planning a funeral in various ways from a comprehensive post-life checklist to search facilities of funeral directors and funeral suppliers. There is even comprehensive help and advice ranging from the best funeral poems and hymns to the contact numbers for various helplines.

What to do when someone dies

There are many things to do when someone passes away. Every person and every circumstance is different. The steps for planning a funeral vary wildly and that is why Memento Vita believe you should be in control every step of the way. We are the first Funeral Planning app in the UK that helps to tackle this and give the power of choice back to the recently bereaved families.