Paperwork is the last thing on your mind when someone passes away, but if you fail to register a death, it not only prevents you from arranging a funeral, you also risk breaking the law.

You can choose any register office in the country to register a death, but if you choose one too far away from the recently deceased place of residence, you may risk paperwork delays, and this then puts you in the precarious position of missing the five-day limit.
You are advised to use a register office in your district. These offices can be extremely busy though so to avoid delays, please make an appointment so that you are not left sitting in a waiting room for hours on end.

Usually, it is a close relative who registers a death, but it can be any known relative, someone who was with the person when they died, someone who lives at, or is responsible for, the address where the person died or the person who is taking care of arranging the funeral (although, this cannot be the funeral director).

If you need to register a death, click here.

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