What to do when Someone Dies

We’re here to provide you with the help and advice you need to organise your loved one’s funeral.

We help recently bereaved families discover the Funeral Directors and Suppliers they want to bring together their loved ones send off. With the Memento Vita website and app, you can search, contact, and organise your loved ones funeral whilst also taking advantage of our planning tools which help you bring all the complexities of a funeral into one, easy-to-use, manageable and FREE website.

Our Story

On April 1st 2020, our hearts were broken and our lives became darker, as we lost the man we knew as Daddy to Covid-19. We found funeral planning such an emotional and draining process, there was so much information we needed to look through such as funeral directors, choosing an urn, what to do after the funeral service, the list goes on. At times it felt very overwhelming, this information seemed to be in many places and it meant lots of researching. Whilst muddling our way through planning a funeral during this horrific time and feeling at a complete loss after losing the man we all idolised, my brother Joe came to me with an idea. Joe believed that if we could have all this information in one place it would make the whole process slightly easier.

We came up with the name Memento Vita, which means ‘Remember life’ in Latin. What better way to remember a life and honour our Daddy’s memory, than trying to help people through arguably the most traumatic times in their life by making things a bit simpler. If we can help make things easier for just one family then it will all be worth it.

In order to honour his memory, you will need to know a bit about the man that we are doing all of this for. Martin Drein, also known as ‘The Boss’, was married to Marie, his wee ‘Doll’, for 44 years. They had 6 beautiful children and he was Granda to 12 grandchildren.

He was a proud Irishman, successful Painter and Decorator and fierce Arsenal fan. He welcomed anyone and everyone into his house and made everyone feel like part of the extended ‘Drein’ clan.

We have chosen to work with and donate a percentage of our profits to Rowcroft Hospice. This is our way of thanking their care in the community nurses, without them the last week of Daddy’s life would have been extremely challenging. We want to thank them for being there for not only Daddy but the whole family. The nurses were kind, compassionate and understanding, they treated Daddy like a friend even during the pandemic when people were being told to take the ‘hands off’ approach. We are forever grateful for the work they have done and continue to do.

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