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We believe everyone should create a Will 

Getting a Will written up is essential. It allows you to divide up and decide the allocation of all your assets, estate and even children after you pass away.

  Wills ranging from basic to fully comprehensive

  Decide who manages your assets and estate

  Manageable monthly repayments that suit you

  Save further pain for your loved ones upon your passing

 Allocate Guardianship of your Children

  Ease of mind

Want to make sure you’re safe?

Our partners offer a range of tiered Wills.

So easy and straight forward the lady on your end was so helpful and polite I cant thank them enough so would recommend them to anybody in future thanks ever so much for the understanding in our most difficult time in taking care of our son PJ


We’ve had two wills from LCS now and on both occasions they were incredibly helpful. How anyone can offer a 10 minute will is beyond me. There are so many questions that come out of your meeting which you would have never considered by doing it online. There out of hours home visit was perfect for us as we’re busy people.


Customer service is brilliant, the process of making Will is very comprehensive and straight to the point. Highly recommend.

I would thoroughly recommend LCS as they took the time to talk us through each point and now I know my assets are going to be well looked after.


How can a Will help me?

Many of us avoid making a will. A worrying statistic is that more than half of adults don’t have a Will. Whether it’s because we don’t want to think about dying or perhaps it’s too final for some. At Memento Vita, we believe that making a Will is crucial and should be a natural part of organising our affairs. You need to make sure your assets and possessions (known as your estate) go to the people and organisations you want them to.

Every Will is different as it tells your life story. When you make a Will you can lay out what is important to you, who you most cared for and perhaps which causes are closest to you. Everyone knows that a Will is used once we die, however a Will can be created in a positive way that reflects how we live and protects everything you have worked hard for, it can save on inheritance tax complications and can also stop any family disputes.

How it works

It really is a simple process. Just choose from below the way you want to start.

Arrange Appointment

You can arrange an appointment with our Will Writing Partners for a time that suits you. 


Some of our Will Writing Partners offer a bespoke Online Will Writing service where they can calculate and process your Will.


You can also call one of our Will Writing Providers by following their links.

Is it really for me?

Not sure if you are ready to make a Will? The answer is simple – Not everyone is ready to think that far ahead. However, for the people it is right for, it can be the crucial ease of mind they need for them and their loved ones.

  Ease of Mind

 Range of Will Types

 Arrange an appointment online or over the phone

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